What happens after I request to sign up with Complete Lifestyle Concierge?

After we receive your sign up form, within 24 hours, you will receive a brief introduction from one of our personal concierges. In order to customize your experience, we also collect some information from you about your background along with your preferences. You will receive a link to to fill out your profile and preferences as well as a service agreement. 

How do I request a service?

Once we receive your service agreement, you will fill out a request form, where you'll list all of the services you would like to have done for the week. Left something out? No worries. We're available at your convenience to assist with any last minute requests. 

How far in advanced should appointment requests be submitted?

Ideally, all appointment requests should be submitted 5 days prior to appointment time. This allows our concierge team enough time to gather all of our resources in order to provide you with the best service. For any same day request, please contact us directly via email, 

How does Complete Lifestyle Concierge collect payment from clients?

If you choose to have your credit card information kept on file, your credit card will be charged following each service. You will also have the option to be charged following each service by credit card or cash. Clients are billed hourly, along with any expenses incurred while performing services such as postage, delivery charges, or products or services.